14/11/2015 - report - photos - Tiger Snake Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jon Bell, Jo Squires, Ed Squires, Miriam Scarr, Rod Wales, John Flint

It bucketed down on Friday afternoon, but thankfully cleared up for the evening. The party drifted in to Barcoo Swamp over the next 14 hours or so. At 8:30 or so we set off for Tiger Snake Canyon. The exposed climbdown into the canyon proved a good warm up for later on. The abseil into the lower section was spectacular as always.

After a quick lunch at the lookout above Deanes Creek, most of us set off for Crooked Crevice. The second abseil was a tester. It's a very narrow start that involves wedging one's body in the slot and trying to wiggle your way down to reach some footholds. There were some notes of panic in people's voices during the squeeze, followed by yells of relief once they reached easier ground!

We reached the cars just as the rain started. While we managed Happy Hour around the fire, by the time it came to dinner we had mostly retreated to the palatial tarp that Rod had erected that morning. Much appreciated, Rod!