28/02/2014 - report - photos - Tiger Snake Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Angela Horvath, Patrick McInnis, Liz

Patrick on the abseil into Crooked Crevice

Patrick, Angela and Liz

Patrick on the squeezy second abseil

Angela on the abseil


Angela and Patrick

A bit of high to low bridging

Angela and Patrick

Liz on the final abseil



Liz scrambling into Tiger Snake Canyon

Angela, Liz and Patrick keeping feet dry

Patrick on the log walk

Patrick on the first abseil

Climbing the tree roots at the end of the short canyon section

Patrick on the abseil back down to the creek


Looking down the abseil

Angela abseiling into the dark lower constriction

Canyon formation

Angela and Liz

Canyon formation

All four of us (if you count my and Patrick's shoes!)

Canyon formation

The four of us

Liz and Angela