08/01/2012 - photos - Bowens Creek North Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles

Smiffy also has photos from this trip, before his camera got wet!

On the Saturday, Rachel took a tumble in Ranon, and had some pretty impressive bruising. Smiffy has photos from the Ranon trip

She and I bailed out of the canyon and left the others to continue. We went to Blackheath for some treatment (some antiseptic wipes and caramel milkshakes) and then headed back to Cathedral Reserve to wait for the others. Rachel worked out the most effective method of icing her cheek!

It's a race! Jason and Rebecca going breath for breath at the campground prior to drinks.

The next morning, looking a bit swollen. They do say plenty of bubbly is good for healing! Rachel gets a lift back to Sydney, while Rich, Smiffy, Vivien and I head for Bowens Creek North

Rich in one of the upper sections

Rich bridging

Smiffy balancing on a log. It looks harder than it is, mostly because I am jiggling it!

Smiffy and Rich climbing down to a pool - Vivien has already slid in (deliberately)


Don't want that chockstone falling!

The only time we used the rope in the upper section (not that you can tell, it just looks like a heap of ferns!)

Swimming below the drop


D'oh, just too slow!

Lunch of champions! Rich also pulled the same out yesterday, but I (birthday boy) wasn't there to enjoy it. Luckily Rich doesn't do things by halves, so has a second cake and bottle ready for today!

Handy glass holder!

Vivien in the lower canyon

Rich at the first abseil

Vivien abseiling

Smiffy going last, gets the lucky job of pulling the rope

Vivien on the second abseil

Rich about to swim


Doing the moves

Canyon formation

Rich and Smiffy

Rich balancing

Smiffy swimming

Canyon formation

Unknown snake