26/11/2011 - photos - Dione Dell Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

Rain comes down on Saturday morning. It was so wet on Friday night we had our tents pitched in the shelter (no-one else around!)

Rachel crossing Dione Dell

Cascade in Dione Dell

Rich abseiling down at the junction of Dione Dell and Christys Creek

Smiffy abseiling next to the massive waterfall coming out of Christys Creek

Smiffy sidles carefully around the pool. The current was strong

Rachel near the bottom of the abseil

At the top of the second abseil. The usual anchor is a no go. Rich points out a route down.

Smiffy and Rachel at the top of the abseil

Looking back up the creek from the top of the second abseil

The waterfall itself

Smiffy scrambling around it

The falls from the bottom

Whitewater at the top of the third fall

Pindari Tops

Rich hand-over-hands down to the third abseil point

Smiffy at the top of the falls

Double rainbow

Smiffy volunteers to brave the water...

...and makes it across to the safety of the rock.

Rachel on the abseil

Rich is the last to come down.

He sidles across the ledge...

...but slips in and is washed off! Luckily there are some boulders where we are photographing from that he can clamber out on.

Snail with what looks like a leaf on its shell

Looking back at the impressive third waterfall

Rich abseiling next to the fourth waterfall

Rachel on the same abseil

Rachel wading the swollen creek

Safely at the top of Margaret Falls

Rainbow in the Christys Creek valley

Weird spot for a sign?

Another view of the top of the falls

Looking over the edge - impressive!

Stypandra glauca (Nodding Blue Lily)

Uranus Grotto

Bungin Top from the top of Wallaby Pass (anyone know the origin of this name - on the Gangerang Sketch Map it is marked as Pindari Pass)

Smiffy at the top of the pass

Rachel and Smiffy on the scrubby tops

Some sections of the track were knee deep in water

After we got back we wandered down to Kalang Falls to check out the water levels. Here we are looking across to Thurat Spires

Looking down the top of Kalang Falls

Kalang Falls (tourist section)

Kalang Falls

Classic Kanangra