27-28/02/2010 - report - photos - Lower Bowens Creek North Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Yorston, Naomi Yorston

James having just suited up

Naomi on the first abseil

Splash! James forgets to do up the waist band of his pack!

The long pool at the bottom of the second abseil

James on the second abseil

Pulling the rope from the small ledge


Canyon formation

James and Naomi scrambling

Canyon formation

James and Naomi

James and Naomi

Naomi preparing to swim

James and Naomi scrambling

James emptying water out of his pack!

Below the junction with the south branch, a long swim

Canyon formation

Naomi swimming

Another swim

Canyon formation

James and Naomi

Canyon formation

Slightly scrubby section of canyon

More swimming

Canyon formation

Water carved rocks

Scrubby canyon section

Canyon formation

James helps Naomi down a short drop

Canyon formation

After lunch we find this camp cave with equipment

Our rather small camping overhang

James looking excited at the prospect of an early morning swim

Creek walking

James at a canyon like section

The most canyony section of the second day

James and Naomi boulder hopping

Mill Creek junction

James and Naomi swimming a pool

Side creek waterfall

Rocky slabs

Rainforest in Zircon Creek

First major waterfall in Zircon Creek

Tom belaying James up the waterfall

Second major waterfall

Another small fall

As we climb out we can see an even larger waterfall blocking our progress

Naomi is thankful when we make it back to the road!