02/12/2007 - report - photos - Clatterteeth Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Yorston

It was a cold, wet and rainy morning. Just the sort of morning in November that makes you want to go canyoning!

Occasionally the sun would make an effort to get through the clouds, but then it would start to drizzle again. A fair few of the people from the canyoning festival had had their fun and excitement the day before, and were heading back to Sydney. Our previous day had been rather more relaxed and dry and we were keen to do something, although less keen on the weather.

Dumbano appeared a write off after talking to a few people. After a good deal of umming and ahhing we decided to try Du Faur Creek, hoping that it wouldn't be too cold. We didn't have lilos but we hadn't had them the only other time I'd done it, and it wasn't too much of a problem.

We took the upstream entrance via October Creek, as I recalled there being some good canyon before the junction. There was a bit of wading to get to it, and one or two swims. There certainly was some good canyon, but the air and water temperatures were not as warm as I would have liked.

By the time we got to the normal entry point, both of us were fairly cold and less than enthusiastic about going the whole distance. In the end we aborted, spending a bit of time checking out the tributary, looking down into Du Faur, and then heading up the track back to the car.

Not the most successful day of canyoning, but at least we had a go.