02/10/2006 - photos - Dione Dell Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Gill Fowler, Matt Ryan, Geoff Mattes, Dean

Rachel belaying Geoff on the first abseil

Geoff on the first abseil

Geoff at the top of the second abseil

Gill belaying Rachel on the second abseil

Gill, Rachel and Geoff creek walking


Rachel on the third abseil

Looking back at the waterfall next to the third abseil

Gill, Geoff and Rachel at the final drop

Gill and Geoff setting up the final abseil

Geoff abseiling the final drop

Geoff, Rachel and Gill at the top of Margaret Falls

Geoff in front of Uranus Grotto

Geoff, Tom, Rachel and Gill looking to the south on Pindari Tops

Geoff, Gill and Rachel on Pindari Tops