13/11/2005 - report - photos - Lower Bowens Creek North Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Anthony Dowle, Andrew Glover, Bethany Hoye, Rosalie Ashe

166_6619.jpg (77994 bytes)

Ant fails to keep his feet dry!

166_6621.jpg (85680 bytes)

Rosalie on a climb-down at the start of the canyon

166_6629.jpg (79106 bytes)

Rachel abseiling the first drop

166_6632.jpg (62900 bytes)

Rachel in the canyon

166_6637.jpg (53209 bytes)

Canyon formation

166_6638.jpg (45927 bytes)

Canyon formation below the first abseil

166_6641.jpg (84012 bytes)

Rachel on the second abseil

166_6643.jpg (90160 bytes)

Rosalie on the second abseil (her second ever)

166_6649.jpg (67097 bytes)

Canyon formation

166_6653.jpg (46601 bytes)

Ant and Rosalie with a halo of steam

166_6657.jpg (75358 bytes)

Ant on a log slide

166_6658.jpg (67124 bytes)

Ant swimming a canyon section

166_6663.jpg (71710 bytes)

Not a waterfall, just a splash from Bethany

166_6669.jpg (87443 bytes)

Bethany getting a bit stuck on a log slide

166_6672.jpg (108314 bytes)

"Spitfire" caterpillars - actually sawfly larvae. Sawflies are a type of large (non-stinging) wasp.