11/03/2005 - report - photos - Claustral Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Anthony Dowle

img_5078.jpg (55377 bytes)

Rachel on the second abseil

img_5079.jpg (55151 bytes)

Rachel again on the second abseil

img_5081.jpg (68826 bytes)

Looking down the second abseil

img_5086.jpg (49897 bytes)

Ant on the third abseil

img_5095.jpg (44512 bytes)

Rachel on the third abseil

img_5098.jpg (59345 bytes)

Canyon formation from the top of the third abseil

img_5102.jpg (58139 bytes)

Looking up from the bottom of the third abseil

img_5105.jpg (59068 bytes)

Rachel is stuck