12/01/2005 - report - photos - Whungee Wheengee Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, David Noble, Roger Bourne, Toni Shurmer, Anna Beardmore, Greg Salway

I was feeling like I had almost had my fill of canyons, but the forecast was for high 30s, and there's no better place to be on a hot day. The fact that my camera had broken down in Whungee Wheengee only a couple of weeks ago also helped to drag me back, to get some shots that I missed out on.

All the others were at the NRB (North Richmond Bakery) when we arrived, which must do a roaring trade from canyoners given the amount I've spent over the last week! I was introduced to Roger, Toni and Anna, friends of Dave's from the climbing gym. Greg I'd seen twice in the last week already! Rik was a late withdrawal, uni commitments taking precedence.

We reconvened at Cathedral Reserve and headed off to the canyon. The canyon was excellent, dark, long and cold. After a leisurely lunch in the sun in an open creek section, we headed back into the depths for the two abseils and some little jumps. I spent a while in the bottom section trying to get some good photos, but struggling.

At the end of the canyon, a couple of water dragons squabbled over territory. We were thinking about taking a shorter exit, but the heat persuaded us to swim down the Wollangambe, a pleasant option. Greg and I did a couple of jumps from just opposite the exit gully for Dave to add to his video.

I tried to kill Anna and Toni by dislodging a large rock at the top of the exit gully. Being climbers, they were quick to react to my "Below!" call, and luckily got themselves out of the way.

Dave pointed out the trigger plants on the way out, whose stamen flicks up when the throat of the flower is touched, spreading pollen on the back of the insects that normally trigger them. The last bit back to the car was under the shade of the ferns and a welcome relief to the heat. An excellent canyon and a great day.