04/12/2004 - report - photos - Claustral Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gill Fowler, David Noble, Chris Collier, Stacey Ly, Clare Ly, Luisa Ngeow, Sarah Truscott, James Bevan, Tim

Other photos from the same trip include:

img_0141.jpg (93663 bytes)

Gill, Stacey, Tim, Luisa wading in the creek

img_0151.jpg (95777 bytes)

Gill climbing into the first swim

img_0155.jpg (63656 bytes)

Luisa on the first climb down

143_4389.jpg (60062 bytes)

Dave on the first abseil

143_4391.jpg (78612 bytes)

Luisa on the first abseil

143_4392.jpg (71177 bytes)

James on the first abseil

143_4393.jpg (73865 bytes)

Gill on the first abseil

143_4394.jpg (74617 bytes)

Gill on the first abseil - the colours on the walls were fantastic

143_4395.jpg (62627 bytes)

Clare on the first abseil

143_4396.jpg (59765 bytes)

Stacey on the first abseil

143_4397.jpg (60356 bytes)

Chris at the bottom of the second abseil

144_4401.jpg (51621 bytes)

Looking up at the Ranon/Claustral junction

144_4402.jpg (76323 bytes)

Canyoners in the main constriction

144_4405.jpg (51663 bytes)

Clare in the main constriction

144_4406.jpg (47066 bytes)

Sarah and Chris on a deeper wade

144_4408.jpg (43362 bytes)

Shafts of light

144_4412.jpg (79933 bytes)

Broad Headed Snake (Canyon Snake, Hoplocephalus bungaroides)

144_4414.jpg (39345 bytes)

Still in the main constriction

144_4420.jpg (64383 bytes)

Diamond Python (Morelia spilota spilota)