09-22/08/2014 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina

Queues at the bottom of the climb - yes it's popular!

It's a traffic jam down there!

In between sections, the walk to the waterfall

Looking down near the start of the second section

Rachel near the waterfall that the route follows for much of its length

Climbers dotted all the way up the wall

Looking up, it's a way to go still

Rounding a corner near the waterfall

Great views back down into the valley

Rachel above the waterfall

Line of ants all the way down the cliff

Great views back of the approach to the traverse

Just before the steepest part of the route

Rachel in the steep section

You can see climbers all the way back along the slope

Near the top, the route crosses a deep chasm via this bridge

Looking down at the bridge and chasm

Top of the ferrata, with the hut in the background

Lech de Pisciadu

Morning tea at Utia Pisciadu

Heading out on the descent ridge, great views across the valley

Looking back at the route from our descent - you can see the bridge and the climbers near the cave


Descending the Val di Bosli - Piz da Lech, which we climbed two days earlier, is opposite

Cable section on the descent

The steep bit

Back at the waterfall

Sassongher from Col Alt

Rachel with Marmolada in the background