09-22/08/2014 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Tschierspitze V and Grosse Tschierspitze

Looking up at the Pizes de Cir

Rachel near the start of the route

Climbing Tschierspitze V

Climbing Tschierspitze V

A crowded summit - Tschierspitze V

Rachel on the summit

Descent off the summit

Mountains and clouds

Heading back to the descent gully

Mountain flower

In the descent gully

Looking across at other ferratists (or should I just call them climbers?) on the early parts of the route

Mountain flower

We head off route on the way to Grosse Tschierspitze because it looks easier?

Rachel waiting as the rain comes down

Me on the summit of Grosse Tschierspitze

The views close in

Rachel about to get dunked by the new waterfall

Party behind us getting wet

Back at the bottom and wet