07-26/12/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Sleeping God Canyon

The crew setting off up the Billygoat Track - Tom, Martin, Patrick, Rachel, Russell

Getting ready at the start of the canyon

Rachel, Patrick and Martin on the first wade

Rachel at the top of the first drop

Rachel abseiling

The guided abseil

Martin jumping

Walking down to the main drop

Patrick on the first pitch of the main drop

View from the halfway ledge

Rachel on the second pitch

Russell abseiling

The party below the main waterfall

Scrambling a short drop

Martin tries to slide it

Martin jumps the next drop

The next abseil, a short sloping one

Tyrolean set up for the sixth drop

Martin on the tyrolean

Rainbow Falls

Russell jugging up to free a jammed rope

Russell doing a backflip

Rachel jumps into the pool below the drop

Rainbow Falls

Rachel abseiling the Funnel

Wayne in the Funnel

Martin being lowered on the next drop

Wayne jumps it

Rachel on the final zipline

Russell on the zip line

Looking back up the valley at the canyon

Little bird on the deck at our cottage