11/04-01/06/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Monday 11 April: Sydney to Rutherglen (733km)

View from the saddle of The Rock, along the range to the north

Tuesday 12 April: Rutherglen to Mt Arapiles (520km)

Wednesday, 13 April: Mt Arapiles (6km)

Tuesday, 14 April: Mt Arapiles to Port Parham (534km)

The Old Bordertown Gaol, now the toilets

Friday 15 April Port Parham to Melrose (250km)

Port Parham camping - ah, the serenity!

Tom climbing up to Mt Remarkable

Saturday 16 April: Melrose to Port Lincoln (478km)

Lincoln National Park

Rachel climbing down the cliffs

Cheese and muscat - sunset at Fishermans Point in Lincoln National Park

Sunday 17 April: Port Lincoln to Talia Caves (349km)

View from Stamford Hill over Boston Bay

Monday 18 April: Talia Caves to Wandilla Beach (435km)

Looking out of one of the Talia Caves

Rachel at Murphys Haystacks

Sea lions at Point Labatt - photo taken through the binocular eyepiece

Tuesday 19 April: Wandilla Beach to Mundrabilla Rest Stop (533km)

Grey clouds at Wandilla

Murrawijinie Caves

Dingo at Nullarbor Roadhouse

It's a veritable menagerie out there!

The Bunda Cliffs on the Great Australian Bight

Climbing down the last cliffs to the Southern Ocean

The old telegraph station on the plains at Eucla, slowly being overtaken by dunes

Wednesday 20 April: Mundrabilla Rest Stop to Kalgoorlie (857km)

Phoenix tailings dump at Northam

Thursday 21 April: Kalgoorlie to Northam (569km)

The Superpit at Kalgoorlie

Friday 22 April: Northam to Perth (181km)

Saturday 23 April - Tuesday 26 April: Australian National Ultimate Frisbee Championships (104km)

Wednesday 27 April - Friday 29 April: Perth (104km)

Wadjemup Lighthouse

Twins? Tom and quokka

Saturday 30 April: Perth to Harvey (159km)

Sunday 1 May: Harvey to Ludlow-Tuart Forest (163km)

Monday 2 May: Ludlow-Tuart Forest to Canebrooke Pool (266km)

Busselton Jetty

Cape Naturaliste - "the Other Side of the Moon"

Tuesday 3 May: Canebrooke Pool to Conto's Field (114km)

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty

Wednesday 4 May: Conto's Field to Big Brook Arboretum (166km)

Inside Lake Cave

Boranup Forest

Western Australia - state of danger?

The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

Tuesday 5 May: Big Brook Arboretum to Centre Rd Crossing (229km)

On the Pemberton Tram

Looking down from the Diamond Tree Fire Lookout, one of the three big climbing trees

Cliffs in D'Entrecasteaux National Park

Friday 6 May: Centre Rd Crossing to Parry's Beach (117km)

Tree Top Walk at the Valley of the Giants

Rachel on Conspicuous Beach, below, well, Conspicuous Cliffs

Saturday 7 May: Parry's Beach to Torbay Inlet

Cliffs at West Cape Howe

Rachel at the Natural Bridge at Torndirrup National Park

Sunday 8 May: Torbay Inlet to Muttonbird Island (93km)

Bald Head in Torndirrup National Park

Walking back from Bald Head

Monday 9 May: Muttonbird Island to Porongorup (78km)

Porongorup National Park, Nancy Peak in the background

Tuesday 10 May: Porongorup to Stirling Ranges (144km)

Bluff Knoll, highest peak in southern WA

Storms over the Stirling Ranges

View from Toolbrunup Peak

The Lily, with the Stirling Ranges in the background

Wednesday 11 May: Stirling Ranges to Two Peoples Bay Nth (201km)

Rachel manning the harpoon at Whale World

Thursday 12 May: Two Peoples Bay North to Fitzgerald River National Park (235km)

Inlet at Waychinicup National Park

Climbing up to West Mt Barren, East Mt Barren in the background

Royal Hakea (Hakea victoriae)

Friday 13 May: Fitzgerald River National Park to Helms Arboretum (405km)

Saturday 14 May: Helms Arboretum to Cape Arid National Park (145km)

Seals on the rocks off Esperance

Banksia at dusk

Sunday 15 May: Cape Arid National Park to Cape Le Grand National Park (154km)

Beach at dawn

Banksia speciosa

Frenchmans Cap

Monday 16 May: Cape Le Grand National Park to Dundas Rocks (252km)

Emerging rainbow

Road train

Tuesday 17 May: Dundas Rocks to Mundrabilla Rest Stop (649km)

Wednesday 18 May: Mundrabilla Rest Stop to Penong (586km)

Fog at Mundrabilla

Bunda Cliffs

Pedestrian crossing? No, it's actually a runway marker for the Flying Doctor

The Nullarbor

Thursday 19 May: Penong to Kimba (416km)

Mt Wudinna

The Big Galah, pride of Kimba

Saturday 21 May: Wilpena to Cooinda Camp

Tanderra Saddle, Wilpena Pound

St Mary Peak from Tanderra Saddle

Xanthorrhea sp

Flinders Ranges from St Mary Peak

Wilpena Pound

Malloga Falls

Tom descending Mt Ohlssen Bagge

Monday 23 May: Wilpena to Mambray Creek (275km)

Sacred Canyon - note the rock art on the walls

Alligator Gorge

Tuesday 24 May: Mambray Creek to Adelaide (285km)

Wednesday 25 May: Adelaide to Deep Creek Conservation Park (135km)

Thursday 26 May: Deep Creek Conservation Park (11km)

Deep Creek

Tom at Deep Creek, further upstream

Friday 27 May: Deep Creek Conservation Park to Parnka Point, The Coorong (280km)

Saturday 28 May: Parnka Point, The Coorong to Mt Gambier (348km)

Rachel and diprotodon at Naracoorte

Blue Lake

Sunday 29 May: Mt Gambier to Grampians (286km)

Black swan at Valley Lake, Mt Gambier

Sunset from Mt William in the Grampians

Monday 30 May: Grampians to Rutherglen (493km)

The Pinnacle

Descending Silent Street, a mini canyon

The Balconies

Tuesday 31 May: Rutherglen to Canberra (441km)

Wednesday 1 June: Canberra to Sydney (297km)