11/04-01/06/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Saturday 21 May: Wilpena to Cooinda Camp

Tanderra Saddle, Wilpena Pound

St Mary Peak from Tanderra Saddle

Looking down into Wilpena Pound from Tanderra Saddle

Flinders Ranges

Xanthorrhea sp

Flinders Ranges from St Mary Peak

Edeowie Gorge

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound

Tom on top of St Mary Peak

Xanthorrhea flower

Sandstone layers

Cooinda Creek

Campsite at Cooinda

Campsite at Cooinda

Saturday 21 May: Wilpena to Cooinda Camp

Annoying track markers - every 200m!

Malloga Falls

A rather large cairn

Crossing Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Creek near Pound Gap

Rachel and another furry friend

"Evil" roo with devil joey!

Mt Ohlssen Bagge

View from the summit of Mt Ohlssen Bagge

Tom on the summit of Mt Ohlssen Bagge

Descending Mt Ohlssen Bagge

Monday 23 May: Wilpena to Mambray Creek (275km)

Rock art at Sacred Canyon

Sacred Canyon

Rachel in the top of Alligator Gorge

Alligator Gorge

Alligator Gorge - almost a canyon

One of several emus doing laps of the campsite

Mambray Creek campground

Tuesday 24 May: Mambray Creek to Adelaide (285km)

Wednesday 25 May: Adelaide to Deep Creek Conservation Park (135km)

Thursday 26 May: Deep Creek Conservation Park (11km)

Stringybark Campground in Deep Creek Conservation Park

Phytophthora cleaning station

Small bay

Deep Creek

Looking up the Deep Creek valley

Rachel at Deep Creek

Sea Cliffs

Tom at Deep Creek again, further upstream

Friday 27 May: Deep Creek Conservation Park to Parnka Point, The Coorong (280km)

Car ferry crossing the Murray River near Wellington

Saturday 28 May: Parnka Point, The Coorong to Mt Gambier (348km)

Breakfast at Parnka Point in the Coorong

Rachel and diprotodon at Naracoorte

Blue Lake

Blue Lake, Mt Gambier

Romantic dinner!?

Sunday 29 May: Mt Gambier to Grampians (286km)

Valley Lake

Waterbirds at Valley Lake

Black swan

Cape Barren Goose

Umpherston Sinkhole, Mt Gambier

Umpherston Sinkhole

Sunset from Mt William

Monday 30 May: Grampians to Rutherglen (493km)

Borough Huts? Campground in the Grampians

Silent Street

The Pinnacle

View of Lake Bellfield from the Pinnacle

Descending Silent Street, a mini canyon

The Balconies

Tuesday 31 May: Rutherglen to Canberra (441km)

Campsite in Ovens Valley

Ovens River

Wednesday 1 June: Canberra to Sydney (297km)