11/04-01/06/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Monday 11 April: Sydney to Rutherglen (733km)

Rachel and I in sunny downtown Bathurst. Not quite the start of the trip, but the first photo.

View from the saddle of The Rock, along the range to the north

Tuesday 12 April: Rutherglen to Mt Arapiles (520km)

In Shepparton, about to be investigated by the pelican

Wednesday, 13 April: Mt Arapiles (6km)

Tuesday, 14 April: Mt Arapiles to Port Parham (534km)

Packing up at Mt Arapiles

The Old Bordertown Gaol, now the toilets

A white kangaroo at Bordertown

Friday 15 April Port Parham to Melrose (250km)

The mouse in the bottom of my day pack

Port Parham camping - ah, the serenity!

Crossing the dry creek at the start of the climb up to Mt Remarkable

Tom climbing up to Mt Remarkable

Rachel on the summit of Mt Remarkable

Plane wreck in a gully on the side of Mt Remarkable

Saturday 16 April: Melrose to Port Lincoln (478km)

Breakfast in Port Augusta

Lincoln National Park

Lincoln National Park

Rachel climbing down the cliffs

The limestone has many holes

Cheese and muscat - sunset at Fishermans Point in Lincoln National Park

Sunset across Boston Bay in Lincoln National Park

Sunday 17 April: Port Lincoln to Talia Caves (349km)

Rachel on Stamford Hill

View from Stamford Hill over Boston Bay

Stamford Hill from down on the beach

Coffin Bay National Park

Coffin Bay National Park

Little Yangie Bay in Coffin Bay National Park

Full moon at Talia Caves

Monday 18 April: Talia Caves to Wandilla Beach (435km)

Talia Caves

Looking out of one of the Talia Caves

Rachel at Murphys Haystacks

More of Murphys Haystacks

Sea lions at Point Labatt - photo taken through the binocular eyepiece

Speedo about to tick over to 220,000km

Camping at Wandilla Beach

Tuesday 19 April: Wandilla Beach to Mundrabilla Rest Stop (533km)

Grey clouds at Wandilla

Cliffs near the Head of Bight

Murrawijinie Caves

Murrawijinie Caves

Murrawijinie Caves

Dingo at Nullarbor Roadhouse

It's a veritable menagerie out there!

The Bunda Cliffs on the Great Australian Bight

Walking down to the sea

Climbing down the last cliffs to the Southern Ocean

Limestone cliffs on the Southern Ocean

Eucla - middle of nowhere

The old telegraph station on the plains at Eucla, slowly being overtaken by dunes

Sunset on the Nullarbor - Mundrabilla Rest Stop

The lights of a passing truck

Wednesday 20 April: Mundrabilla Rest Stop to Kalgoorlie (857km)

Looking down from Madura Pass over the coastal plain

Phoenix tailings dump at Northam

Rachel's chip pile at dinner in Kalgoorlie

Thursday 21 April: Kalgoorlie to Northam (569km)

Camping area at Lake Douglas (but where is the lake?)

The Superpit at Kalgoorlie

Close up of the Superpit - for comparison, the wheels on the trucks are some 4m high

Friday 22 April: Northam to Perth (181km)