26-27 June 2004

Paticipants: Duanne White, Dale, Tom Brennan

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Climbed at Mortein Wall and Thompson's Point on Saturday and Dale and I climbed at TP on Sunday while Duanne headed to Point Perpendicular in the morning.


  • Psycho Hose Beast (17): Challenging start to the day
  • Wobblebuns (18): Bit of a sandbag, which I dogged
  • Bitch Itch (20): Probably easier than Wobblebuns, so perhaps overgraded, nice climb
  • Kims (16): Challenging greasy start, harder than it looks
  • Killer Boas (22): I didn't bother with this as I was well and truly pumped
  • Diddy Kong (18): Very enjoyable


  • Santa's Little Helper (15): Enjoyable as always and a nice start to the day
  • Mad Hatter (17): Great excursion, something different for Thompson's Point
  • Vanderholics (18): My first 18 lead, and a nice climb although there's a giant rest in the middle
  • Freak Magnet (22): Dale did this one
  • Gina Hardface (18): Harder than Vanderholics, some tricky moves up top
  • Birdsville Track (20): Dogged it a little, after falling in the first section by heading up instead of left. Crux is just after the ledge, and is hard to work out the moves from below.

13669.jpg (111709 bytes)

Duanne leading Bitch Itch (20)

13674.jpg (129694 bytes)

Duanne leading Bitch Itch (20)

13680.jpg (145781 bytes)

Tom leading Kims (16)

13683.jpg (102525 bytes)

Dale leading Killer Boas (22)

13686.jpg (93443 bytes)

Duanne leading Birdsville Track (20)