13-14/04/2019 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Sunrise at Kanangra Walls

Rachel aoove Kanangra Deep

Smoke from burnoffs over the Gangerangs

Gangerang Range

Walking along Kanangra Tops

Signs of previous burnoffs

Views down the Kanangra Creek Valley

Kanangra Deep

Rachel at a pinnacle on Kilpatrick Causeway


Rachel heading for Pages Pinnacle

Pages Pinnacle looks like a reasonably straightforward climb...

... but has it's challenges!

A more comfy position! Looking back to Crafts Wall

Nice open walking along Crafts Ridge

Rachel on Crafts Ridge

The unpleasant looking junction of Gingra Creek with Gabes Gully. It could take us a long time to get to Thousand Man Cave!!!

We abandon the creek and find the Old Cedar Road

Lace Monitor

We lose the Cedar Road, so head back to the creek, which is actually not too bad - though this is one of the better bits.

Blue Mountains Tree Frog

Unfortunately there are lots of weeds in Gingra Creek

At the first option, we head up a steep spur towards Thousand Man Cave

Heading into the conglomerate belt

Arriving fairly late, we expect to be last to the cave ... but are in fact first!

Rachel has a little accident while collecting wood. Unfortunately we are over 600m above the creek!!

Others trickle into the cave

Why is there no-one at the fire? For some reason most people are cooking on their choofers!

Breakfast of champions. Someone needs to make sure Caoimhin doesn't have to carry custard out!

Thousand Man Cave

Heading along to the pass

Rachel climbing the pass

Ti Willa Tops makes people do odd things (or it could just be Caoimhin)

Something is spoiling the view ... (it's the clouds, silly!)

Regrouping on Cloudmaker

Smoke haze obscuring the Axeheads

Hi Rachel!

Rocky Gangerang Range

Ti Willa Tops

Rachel at Gabes Gap

Lunch on Mt Berry

Kanangra Creek

On the way to the Walls

Gordon Smith Pass

Waiting for some of the group at the top of Gordon Smith Pass

Walkers on Kilpatrick Causeway

Kanangra Deep

Thurat Spires

Kanangra Deep

Kanangra Tops

The lookout - last stop before the cars