06-07/04/2019 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Leigh McClintock, Jo Daly, Kelvin Russell, Bruce Dennien, Sara Albero, Melinda Farrar, Oonagh Macken, David Beer

Descending the Grose River Walking Track

Oonagh and Mel at a little scramble

One of the rope-assisted sections of the track

Bruce descending

The lower rope-assisted drop

Kelvin scrambling the drop

Swimming at the waterhole at the foot of the track

A nice section of rocky slabs along the bank (unfortunately not many of these!)

Swimming at the large pool at the Atkinson Gullies junction

Afternoon tea/drinks break cave

Typical riverside walking

Looking upstream to the Linden Creek junction

Grose River at Linden Creek

Lovely campsite at Linden Creek

Oonagh and Sara's luxurious tent!

Wentworth Cave

Morning tea at Wentworth Cave - Jo, Mel, Oonagh, Sara, Kelvin, David

Scrubby walking along the banks to get back to camp

Grose River

Bruce scrambling up the lower part of the pass up to Faulconbridge Point

Leigh on the ridge

Traversing under the cliffs

Mel and David climbing a ramp

Leigh taking a break

Kelvin overseeing the final part of the pass

Jo relaxing at the top

David photographing Kelvin photographing me photographing Kelvin through an arch...

Jo, Sara and David at one of the many lookouts near Faulconbridge Point

Cliffline walking

Jo above the Grose River

Sara at the actual Faulconbridge Point Lookout