30-31/03/2019 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jo Daly, Alex Allchin, Roger Browne, Patsy Quealy, Steve Gamble

Descending into the clouds at the start of the walk

Emerging out of the cloud on Assay Buttress

Descent to Great Horseshoe Bend

Crossing the Shoalhaven - Alex, Roger and Rachel

Crossing the Shoalhaven - Jo, Patsy and Steve

Jo climbing Backbender Buttress

Alex in one of his usual positions

Lookout near Touga West Trig

Great Horseshoe Bend from the cliffs near Touga West

Touga West Trig

Alex and Jo on the cliffs near Touga Trig

Jo checking out the logbook at Touga Trig - not many entries!

Rachel trying to lift the Tor

Alex ceremonially drinking at Wineglass Tor (but not out of the wineglass, out of a goon bag)

Wineglass Tor

Wineglass Tor

Jo above Greater Horseshoe Bend

Open ridge walking past Specimen Hill

Descending the steep ridge to the Tims Gully junction

After the rain

Looking steeply down into Tims Gully

Shoalhaven afternoon

The next morning - Alex in another usually position, Rachel and Roger enjoying the fire at our great campsite

Shoalhaven cliffs

Our exit route for the day, up the ridge ahead to Monitor Mount


Dry creek bed in Tims Gully - even after 20mm of rain, there was no water at all


Crossing back over the Shoalhaven

Narrow knife-edge ridge above the Shoalhaven

Walking along the ridge

Steep climb up the ridge to Monitor Mount

There was a fence that ran down the middle of the ridge, not sure what for. But we kept tripping over it!

Jo, Patsy and Steve on the ridge well above the river

Nearly at the top! Everyone looks pretty happy!