19/08/2018 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel at the start, overlooking the Castlereagh Highway near Pearsons Lookout. All rugged up as it was 50km/h winds, and spitting snow, despite the mostly blue skies

Lovely open forest on the first top

Sidling under the cliffs on the eastern side - out of the wind!

Rachel scrambling up on to the first top we came to

Looks like our top is not the top top!!

Cool little rock arch

Some exposed sidling to get into the saddle between the two highest pagodas

Rachel checking out a possible route up, but no go

The most likely route involves crawling through this overhang

One more scramble...

...and we're at the windy summit. Not a good day for standing on it!

Scenic views of the Castlereagh Highway ... and Pantoneys Crown!