14/07/2018 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jo Daly, Clive Howard, Bruce Dennien, Caroline Houghton, Ian Houghton, Tom Macdonald, David Angell, Suzanne Gapps, Walid El-Khoury, Mark Thieben

Heading up the hill towards Glenraphael Head

Bruce scrambling a minor cliff band

Tom in ferns traversing towards Dunphys Pass

Regrouping on the slopes below Glenraphael Head

Morning tea below Dunphys Pass

Rachel at the top of the scramble up to the pass

The party below the pass

Mark scrambling up

Tom takes the low road

Walid climbing the loose shale

Bruce on the traverse

On the ledge

David on Dunphys Pass

Looking back to the entrance gully

The pass continues along the halfway ledge opposite

Dunphys Pass

The ledge drops away rounding the final corner

David on the corner

The party in the exit gully

Crossing Glenraphael Swamp

Suzanne emerging from the scrub on to the fire trail

Rachel and Jo

Mark and Rachel on the Narrow Neck FT

Great views across to Kings Tableland

On the road to Clear Hill, with views all the way to Kanangra and Mt Cloudmaker

Narrow Neck FT and the High Gangerangs

Wild Dogs vista

Wild Dog Mountains

Breakfast Creek

Lunch at Clear Hill

Clive descending the first ladders


Suzanne scrambling lower down

Plaque to Taro

Rachel on Tarros Ladder

Tom on Tarros Ladder

Suzanne descending

Tom lower down

Caroline on the spikes

Walid pauses

Bruce climbing down

David at the halfway ledge

Looking back at Dunphys Pass from Tarros Ladder - the pass goes in and out of the gullies

Beautiful open forest on Mt Debert

Mid stride?!

Homeward bound in the late afternoon