01/07/2018 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jon Bell, Alex Allchin, Stanley Wong, Scott Lee

View from a lookout on the east side of Narrow Neck

Looking for the top of Rock Pile Pass - Stanley and Jon on an outcrop

Rachel on a different outcrop

After some bush bashing, we find our way down to the ledge - Rachel on the ledge

Jon attempts to go the crumbly high road

Rachel finds the actual rock pile (and the route that would have saved us lots of bush bashing)

Alex examines the log book (well, the bits of paper!)

Heading along the ledge

Rachel on the first of two drops on the pass

Alex on the drop

Looking down the second drop - the ropes were removed after the first one snapped on one of the party

Traversing a landslip beneath the cliffs

Scott crawling through a mini cave

Stanley crossing an exposed shale ledge

Unfortunately the ledge ran out not much further on, meaning we had to recross the exposed section!

Scott squeezing through a narrow passage

There were a couple of cars below the second neck

Rachel and Alex in Mitchells Creek

Pool at the bottom of the falls

Alex attempts to pioneer a new Mitchells Pass

Alex climbing the actual pass

Narrow Neck fire trail bash

Mitchells Pass and Creek

Fun with sunstars