25-26/11/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jon Bell, Jo Daly, Damon de Costa, Emma Simpson, Margot Bull, Frances Bottrell, Yoon K Lee

Jon climbing up to the mountain

Jon heading out of the Grand Hall

Rock Isotoma (Isotoma axillaris)

Jo checking out the drop out of Wolgan Window

Damon looking out another window

Damon takes the high road, while Rachel (unsuccessfully) tries the low road through this crack

Jo takes the previously uncharted "middle road", much to the delight of the photographers

Damaged pagodas. There were quite a few signs of this unfortunately

Lunch with sweeping views

Other walkers in the distance on one of the pagodas

Rachel descending a large pagoda

Rachel climbing out of Secret Canyon

Rachel above Eastern View

Pagoda Daisies (Leucochrysum graminifolium)

Rachel and a mini-window

Jon and Rachel above the Green Room

Rachel showing off her Utah skills

Rachel in the Green Room

Looking back up the climb into the Green Room

Rachel at the entrance to the Green Room Portal

Jo, Emma and Rachel enter the Portal

Jon and Emma ascending Jenny Craig slot

Jon and Emma

Jo at the little scramble

Damon continuing through the narrow bit of Jenny Craig

Rachel scrambling up to the Bermuda Triangle

Rachel and Jon crossing over Jenny Craig on to the next pagoda

Rachel at the Bermuda Triangle

Jon following the theme for the weekend

Pagoda central

Jon descending to cross back over Jenny Craig

Damon getting useful tips from the pointing crowd

More exposure descending

Back to the Grand Hall

Jo and Damon approaching the Grand Hall

Camp in the Grand Hall

Margot and Rachel

From the other end of the hall

Happy hour views


The devils come out to play

Grand Hall skylight

Rachel was challenged to do Crow Pose, but this was the best we could get

Broad-Headed Snake (Hoplocephalus bungaroides)

Looking back down into the Grand Hall from a side cave

Morning tea pagoda

Frances scrambling off

Descending Kents Crevasse

Rachel in Kents Crevasse

More pinnacles and pagodas

The south west end

Looking past the High Pagoda

Pagoda city

Margot descending to the exit point

Frances and Damon scrambling

A final quick excursion to the south west end

The Columns

Damon negotiating the Slide of Death