12/08/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Adrian Doyle, Sharnie Pokai, Glenn Draper, Lisa Ochs

Jerusalem Bay

Crossing the creek

Steep climb up to Ten Bob Ridge


Views of Cowan Water

Cole Trig

Lovely rock tesselations

Lisa at the foot of the rock

Adrian descending off the summit

Panorama from the summit, Taffys Rock is the long skinny summit in the middle

Leionema? sp

Edwards Trig

Walking along a rocky section of ridge

Taffys Rock from across the gully

Grevillea sp

Glossodia minor (Small Waxlip Orchid)

Aboriginal engraving - footprint?

Looking for the plaque

Taffys plaque



Lisa and Glenn

Boronia sp

Lisa and Glenn descending to Jerusalem Bay

Adrian and Sharnie