09-13/07/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Day 3 - Eighth Gorge to Ninth Gorge



In the morning, blowing up packrafts

Portaging one of the rapids

Tough work paddling against the current

Scrambling up the boulder blockage near the top of the gorge

Up on top, near the end of the gorge country

Top of the gorge

The river flows into a narrow slot

Scrambling around one of the waterfalls

Exploring up a side creek...

...we find a nice pool, but it looks like hard to work to keep exploring

Katherine River from above

Setting off again below one of the falls

Rachel below another rapid - which we haven't run!

This one is runnable...

...sort of!

Looking across to the Ninth Gorge campsite

Happy hour at Ninth Gorge

Ninth Gorge campsite


Star lights


Day 4 - Ninth Gorge to Sixth Gorge


Looking down from above Ninth Gorge

Setting off from Ninth Gorge

Paddling downstream

Approaching Sixth Gorge

Looking down on the Sixth Gorge campsite

Above Sixth Gorge

Swimming at the campsite

Day 5 - Sixth Gorge to Visitors' Centre

Sixth Gorge campsite

Heading off from Sixth Gorge

Fifth Gorge is one of the most impressive gorges

Rachel in Fifth Gorge

Gorge walls


We hit the hordes of paddlers setting off

Butterfly at Butterfly Gorge

Jumping at Butterfly Gorge

Jedda's Rock from the water

Setting off on foot again after a few days of paddling

Scrambling up to the track near Pat's Lookout

Southern Rockhole

Baruwei Lookout

Flying Foxes