03-04/06/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Sue Bucknell, Simon Hager, Antoniya Bachvarova, Alison Curtin

Hollow Rock (or is it Leaning Rock?)

A less straightforward entry to the creek than last time we were here (over 8 years ago!)

Rachel on the first abseil

Simon on the abseil

Scrambling down to the main drops

Simon on the second abseil (and most canyon-like section)

Rachel abseiling

Simon keeping his feet dry

Simon on the third drop

The bottom of the drop

Smiffy trying to unlock the secret to not swimming

Sue on the fifth abseil

Sue on the sixth abseil, checking if the rope reaches (sort of!)

Smiffy on the final abseil

Ali having just taken a bit of a dunking in the pool on the ledge

Sue on the final drop to the river

Walking up the Colo to the junction

Heading upstream to our camp cave - the water is a bit chilly!

So needing a good fire!

Gourmet delicacies - San Choy Bau

Happy 5th Birthday Sue!

Duelling cameras at 20 paces - I have two people looking at mine!

Cosy camp cave

Rachel showing a bit of leg

Approaching the Colo/Wollemi Creek junction = sun!

Hopefully the bottom of our pass

Rachel crossing the Colo

Ali climbing the bottom (and most dodgy) bit of the pass

Shadow photographer, looking down the pass

Ali on the last tricky bit

Yellow Bloodwood (Corymbia eximia)? in flower

Scrambling up the pass

Smiffy and Toni looking back down at Wollemi Creek

Sue on one of the scrambling bits of the pass

Toni on the other scrambling section, right at the top

Ali ready to catch whatever gets thrown over the cliff!

Crawfords Lookout