04-05/02/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Antoniya Bachvarova, Sue Bucknell, Melissa Thomas, Alex Allchin, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Emmanuelle Convert, J

Rachel goes for the paddle in the air style approach - watch out for branches!

Alex takes a two pack approach - balance, but can he see his feet?

Heading down Assay Buttress to the Shoalhaven

Looking downstream

All pumped up and ready to go - a mix of Explorers and Alpackas

Different styles - Alpacka with paddle, Explorer 200 with paddle...

...Explorer with hand paddles!

Smiffy on a "rapid". They mostly involved getting out an dragging the boats

Alex enjoying a jump

The one good rapid of the trip - not sure if the look on Toni's face is excitement or terror!

Alex seems to be enjoying himself!

Smiffy makes it look easy

Sue taking the relaxed approach

Heading towards the Blockup Gorge

Coming through the Gorge

Below the Gorge, the cliffs of Spring Creek Canyon in the background

Happy Birthday! Smiffy turning about 7 or so!

Rachel and I need to head back to Sydney early Sunday so we take our farewells