10/09/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Emily Deck, Wayne Gardner, Michelle Rose, Petros Nikoloudis, Clare Williams

Wayne through the hollow boulder

Down by the creek on Starlights Track

Descending Starlights Track to the Nattai

Grassy flats near Emmetts Flat

Nattai River

Emily and Rachel exploring

Checking out ruins at Emmetts Hut

Petros climbing up the pass to Ahearns Lookout

Emily scrambling near the top of the pass

Grass Tree flower

Clare and Rachel at the first lookout - not Ahearns

Emily at the lookout

Ahearns Lookout

Russells Needle and Mt Jellore

Nattai Valley and Mt Jellore

Petros and Michelle at Ahearns Lookout

Nattai River from on high

The party on the way back - Rachel, Emily, Wayne, Clare, Michelle, Petros

Selfie attempt - much humour from the peanut gallery!

Stalactites in a hollow rock cave

Nattai Valley and Mt Colong