30-31/07/2016 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Sara Ladd, Skye O'Donnell, Jon Bell, Matthew Dickerson, Darren Lyons, Fionnuala Baynes, Alex Allchin, Stephen Ellis, Denis Quigley

Kanangra Walls Lookout

Matthew, Alex and Jon looking back to the waterfalls

Kalang Falls and Kanangra Falls

Scrambling up to Cottage Rock

Morning tea at Cottage Rock - Alex, Darren, Matthew, Jon, Fionnuala and Skye

Stephen and Jon

Stephen climbing down the well-constructed pile of stones at Cottage Rock

Walking along the Gingra Range

Grassy flats at Orange Bluff

Wading the relatively deep Kowmung

Orange Bluff

River rock

Relaxing at Rainbow Bluff

Sara on open flats along the Kowmung

Fast flowing Kowmung - a packraft would have been nice!

At camp below Hughes Ridge, on large grassy flats - Matthew, Fionnuala, Darren, Jon, Skye, Dennis, Sara, Stephen

Smoking ceremony? No, just Alex trying to keep warm!

Open paddock above the campsite

Riverside gums

Kowmung River

Fording the Kowmung - Stephen, Jon, Skye

Denis, Matthew and Darren approaching safety

Sara passing a low lying bluff

Morning tea on Mt Hughes

Fionnuala scrambling up to Cottage Rock

Alex looking across to the Blue Breaks

Late afternoon on the Kanangra Tops

Late afternoon on the Kanangra Tops

Fionnuala and Darren

Matthew enjoying the comforts of (Mrs) Maxwells Chair

Tom in Maxwells Chair

Looking back to the Walls

Tom and eagle (photo Jon)



The classic Walls viewpoint

Final climb off the tops