13/06/2016 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gourav Bhaduri, Karl Miller, Clare Holland, Margot Bull, Antony Milch, Karen Brading, Richard Brading, Karen Kool, Marie O'Connell, Cathy Hui

Looking out over Berowra Creek

Cathy and Karen at the bottom of our little cliffline

A line of stones - aboriginal?

Margot in the creek

Scrambling up the other side

Cathy and Marie - a quick break on the rock platform at the top of the climb

Lunch spot, with great views

Looking up Berowra Creek from our lunch spot

Descent to Deep Bay Creek

Anthony and Karen on the rungs

Waterfall on Deep Bay Creek

Karl admiring the view down to Berowra Waters

The party above Berowra Waters

Climbing out of Berowra Waters

Top of the hill - Karen B, Margot, Richard, Marie, Cathy, Gourav, Clare, Antony...

...with Karen K and Karl following

Naa Badu Lookout

Sams Creek - Richard, Marie, Karen B, Clare, Gourav, Cathy, Margot

Sams Creek, late afternoon

The swamp at Calna Creek

Calna Creek

Checking out the new Calna Creek Bridge