21/05/2016 - photos

Participants: Sacha Vidler, Tom Brennan, Ari Vidler

Inspiration Point and Sublime Point

Sunbeams in Den Fenella

Smoky Jamison Valley

Reflections at the top of Wentworth Falls

Surreal Grand Stairway

Sacha and Ari descending the Grand Stairway

Ari at Wentworth Falls

The tunnel on Slacks Stairs

Ari on Slacks Stairs


Crowds at the bottom of Wentworth Falls

Beautiful tree

Sunbeams in the Valley of the Waters

Ari and Sacha on Lindemans Pass

Ari climbing Roberts Pass

Afternoon tea at Moya Point - pretzel, croissant, doughnuts

Ari and Sacha at Moya Point

Afternoon in the Jamison