29/12/2015 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Emmanuelle Convert, Joe Laborczfalvi, Barbara Laborczfalvi, Karl Miller, Clare Holland, Cathy Hui, Leigh Matheson, Christy Geromboux, Daniel Geromboux

Heading down the Main Range Track (road?) to the Snowy River - our route lies up the green ramp between the two branches of the river

Crossing the river on the stepping stones

Alpine flowers climbing up to Mt Clarke

Looking back down to the river junction

Christy, Rachel and Emmanuelle approaching Mt Clarke

The party on Mt Clarke - Clare, Joe, Karl, Cathy, Barbara, Rachel, Christy, Daniel, Emmanuelle, Leigh

Main Range panorama from Mt Northcote

Lake Albina

Some of the party on the track below Mt Lee

The rest of the party on Mt Lee - Leigh, Cathy, Christy, Emmanuelle, Daniel, Rachel

The aptly named Club Lake

Some of the party enjoying views over Mt Sentinel and Watsons Crags from Carruthers Peak

Mt Sentinel

Lunch at Strzelecki Creek - Karl, Clare, Emmanuelle, Christy, Daniel, Cathy, Leigh

Leigh on a pinnacle en route to Mt Sentinel

Rachel on the steep descent

Karl scrambling

The party descending a little scramble - Cathy, Barbara, Daniel, Joe, Emmanuelle, Christy, Clare (bottom to top)

Scrambling on the "tricky bit" - Karl, Rachel, Cathy, Emmanuelle, Daniel, Leigh


Karl and Rachel

Rachel and Tom on Mt Sentinel

View to the west - Mt Townsend and Townsend Spur

View to the east - Watsons Crags

The route back - Karl and Leigh watching Rachel and Christy scrambling

Karl on the rocky rib

Rachel on a pinnacle

Blue Lake