04-05/10/2014 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Melissa Thomas

Rachel and Mel on the approach to Tourist Route on Crater Bluff

Rich climbing the first pitch of Tourist Route (9)

Rich belaying on the second pitch

Rich on the first belay ledge

Looking across to Tonduron

Mel belaying Rich up the second pitch

Rich traversing the ledge to the foot of Green Glacier

Mel near the bottom of the third pitch of Tourist Route

Higher up on the third pitch

Rich on the ledge

Rich traversing near the top of the pitch

Mel and Rich in Green Glacier

Climbing Green Glacier

The Grand High Tops and Belougery Spire from Crater Bluff

Rich and Mel on the summit

Tom climbing to the real summit


Rich abseiling back into Green Glacier

Green Glacier and Tonduron Spire

Descending Green Glacier

Near the bottom of Green Glacier

Rich and Mel setting the ropes for the first of the two abseils

Mel tossing the ropes

Rich abseiling

Mel on the second abseil

Crater Bluff

Rachel on the Grand High Tops

The Breadknife

Moon over the Breadknife

Rachel, Rich and Mel at Dows Camp

Wax-Lip Orchid (Glossodia major)

Tonduron from Bluff Mountain

Mt Exmouth from Bluff Mountain

Rachel on the summit of Bluff Mountain for breakfast

Tom and Grass Trees (probably Xanthorrhoea glauca ssp angustifolia)

Bluff Mountain - can you spot Rich and Mel?

Rachel at Point Wilderness

Rachel and Mt Exmouth

The Arch

Returning from the Cathedral

Pink pea

Traversing the cliffs on the side of Mt Exmouth

Sweeping views from Mt Exmouth

Rachel at the summit of Mt Exmouth (well, the end of the summit ridge)


Grass Tree flower spike

Grass Tree flower detail

Grass Trees on the slopes of Mt Exmouth

Walking out along West Spirey Creek

Gunneemooroo Camp