06/09/2014 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan

View of the Jamison Valley from Queen Victoria Lookout

Empress Falls

Canyoners getting in an early season canyon

Inspiration Point and Sublime Point from the National Pass

The Mt York Claystone ledge that the National Pass (and various other Blue Mountains Passes) follows

Sandstone cliffs

The National Pass

View from the lookout - the National Pass runs along the vegetated ledge to Wentworth Falls, which can be seen in the distance

The National Pass cutting under the cliff

Den Fenella Falls

Rain? No, view from behind Den Fenella Falls

Amphitheatre and falls

Wentworth Falls from the Slacks Stairs track

Wentworth Falls - lower

Wentworth Falls - upper

Wentworth Falls - upper

Wentworth Falls - upper

Wentworth Falls - upper

The Grand Stairway, climbing the cliffs next to Wentworth Falls

The Grand Stairway

View down Prince Regents Glen and Jamison Creek

Wentworth Falls from the top of the Grand Stairway

The top of Wentworth Falls in the mist

Queens Cascade where the track crosses Jamison Creek

Queens Cascade

Wentworth Falls from Rocket Point

Jamison Creek

The top of Wentworth Falls

Fletchers Lookout

Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock

The Undercliff Track

Wentworth Falls from Eagles Nest Lookout

Wentworth Falls from Princes Rock Lookout

Jamison Valley and Mt Solitary from Princes Rock Lookout

The Grand Stairway zigzagging up the cliffs

Undercliff Track

Mt Solitary from Den Fenella Lookout

Den Fenella