22-23/06/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Sue Bucknell, Antoniya Bachvarova, Melissa Thomas, Alison Curtin, Simon Hager, Jim Vaughan, Agnes Piasecki

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

Heading out on the plateau on Saturday morning

Thurat Spires and Kanangra Deep

Thurat Spires

"Geez this feels heavy!"

Rich discovers the rocks we have put in his pack!

Mel and Ali enjoying the views into Kanangra Deep

At Cottage Rock for morning tea

Smiffy watching Mel scrambling off Cottage Rock

Peak hour on the Gingra Range - we get stuck behind a CMW party

Descending Brumby Ridge

View down the Kowmung - our campsite is opposite the second bluff

Lunch at Orange Bluff - time to fit in a bit of practice for the afternoon's sporting festivities

Crossing the Kowmung below Orange Bluff

Smiffy testing the strength of the log

Rich giving Mel a hand

Rachel takes the other route off

Simon helps Agnes by carrying off her pack


Heading down the Kowmung

Kowmung scenery

Kowmung walking

Kowmung walking

Jim the fisherman

Mel and Ali reach our campsite below Rainbow Bluff

Tents up, slackline up, frisbee field set up...

Action aplenty in the 3rd Annual SBW Ultimate Frisbee Championships

It's Rachel and Rich's birthdays so we indulge in some cake and candles...

...and sparklers

The next morning these bizarre worms are found on Rich's tent

Close up of the worm

Ali in pain crossing the Kowmung!

Quiet reach


View upstream from Roots Ridge

River views

Agnes, Ali and Rachel climbing Roots Ridge

The rain sets in on the Gingra Range, and it's a wet trudge to Coal Seam Cave...

...for a dry lunch!

Climbing up the pass near Coal Seam Cave

Wet on the tops

Back at the lookout, there's great views!


Smiffy on the pinnacle

Walls in the mist

The last three of us enjoy the views after everyone else has headed for the cars