01-02/06/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Sue Bucknell, Melissa Thomas, Toni Bachvarova, Ali Curtin

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

Setting off up the road from Newnes - Rich, Mel, Ali, Rachel

Climbing the fern-filled gully up to the saddle

Toni scrambling one of the steps up on to the tops

Ali and Sue at the next step

There's more than one way across a chasm! Sue watches Toni and Mel

Rich sets out for Point Nicholson

Rachel and Sue entering the Room via the side door!

Rachel at Point Nicholson - it looks a little gloomy!

Smiffy at one of the entrances to the Room

It's Sue's birthday, so Eddie the Echidna is demolished!

Ali and Mel negotiate the narrow ledge below the point

Rachel, Sue and Toni

Ali and Mel

Mel scrambling across one of the saddles on the ridge

First views of the Pagoda of Death

Rachel, Sue and Rich on the face

Rachel scrambling

Mel on the pagoda

Rachel, Sue and Rich on the Great Wall of China

Ali crossing a little chasm

"Blue packs to the left, red packs to the right!"

Mel jumps a chasm


..."Camera ready?"...


OK, now you're just showing off!

Not quite so easy getting back!

Mel and Ali exploring the bottom of the chasm

Cliffs and a mini pinnacle

Mel and Ali in the Tunnel of Love

Ross's Knob

Being a birthday trip, Rich has made sure there's plenty to drink...

...starting at lunch!

Descending the mini canyon

Toni and Mel

Don't tip the Balancing Boulder over!

Rachel at the camp caves

Rich has carried in a 5kg slack line - Mel is the undisputed champion...

...until Rich practises and practises and makes it to the end and back!

Birthday girl Sue looking casual!

Rachel on the tops just before the rain starts

Looking down on the slack line

Rachel in another overhang

Rich and Mel

Happy Hour?!

Sue and her second birthday cake

The next morning around the fire

For a beautiful looking day, why is Rachel in full wet weather gear?! It has been raining much of the night and the bush is saturated

Valley views

Rachel in a gully of ferns