11-12/05/2013 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Cloud in the valleys - smoke from the burn-off in the Wild Dogs floats up the Kanangra Creek valley

Rachel on the Kanangra Tops

Kanangra Creek valley

Kanangra Deep

Colboyd Range

Rachel at Coal Seam Cave

Coal Seam Cave

Rachel at Cottage Rock

Gingra Range to the right

Rachel descending the Gingra Range

Naughty Prickly Pear!

The last steep bit to the Kowmung

Rachel at Gingra Creek

Kowmung River

Kowmung River

Rachel crossing Gingra Creek

Rachel on Willa Buttress

Our campsite on Willa Buttress

Sunset on the ridge

The next morning, Rachel climbing up to Compagnoni Pass

The bottom section of the pass

The top section of the pass

View from Compangnoni Pass - the Kowmung Valley bathed in cloud

Rachel on the Ti Willa Plateau

Views across to the Blue Breaks

Rachel at Hundred Man Cave

Some dispute over the K2K entry in the log book at Cloudmaker!

Who wants to be a trig?!

Great views of the Gangerangs from the (wrong!) side of Rumble

Gangerang Range and Kanangra Walls

Mt High and Mighty, with (l to r) Pages Pinnacle, Mt Berry, Crafts Wall and Kanangra Walls

Rachel at Gabes Gap

Rachel on Mt Berry

Lunch on Mt Berry, looking across to Crafts Wall and Kanangra Walls

Kanangra panorama

Crafts Wall

One of the blocks on the road to Crafts Wall

Rachel at the log book at Crafts Wall

Kanangra Creek valley

Kanangra Creek and the Gangerangs

Rachel on Kilpatrick Causeway

Aboriginal art? Doesn't look particularly authentic

Rachel climbing Gordon Smiths Pass

Kilpatrick Causeway and the Gangerangs

Rachel on the tops

Kanangra Tops panorama

Descending to the track junction

Kanangra Deep

Views across to Mt Colong

Classic Kanangra

Back at the car - other than two people right near the end, we have had the entire Kanangra area to ourselves on this beautiful weekend