14/10/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Liz Edye, Matt Dowle, Chris Stephens, Keah Molomby, Jonno Holmes, Erin Wallis

Heading off to the cliff top track

Pink Fingers Orchid (Caladenia carnea/Petalochilus carneus)

Dracophyllum secundum

Ivy-leaved Violet (Viola hederacea)

Ivy-leaved Violet (Viola hederacea)

Ivy-leaved Violet (Viola hederacea)

Why all the finger pointing?

Keah, Jonno & Rachel

Cockatoos on Leura Falls

At the "best lookout on the walk" - Bridal Veil View Lookout - Jonno, Erin, Matt, Keah

Jonno and Chris at the little cascades

Rachel, Erin, Matt and Keah

Leura Falls

Epacris reclinata?

Mt Solitary

Leura Falls

Plants growing in the spray

Rock Sprengelia? (Sprengelia monticola?)

Looking back at the wedding location from the day before


First Sister and Mt Solitary

Tourists on the Three Sisters track

Rachel on the Giant Stairway

I guess we better stick to walking!

Near the bottom of the Stairway

Rachel at Leura Forest

Linda Falls

Lila Falls

The Amphitheatre