30/10/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Brendon Anderson, Mike Cook, Melanie Ng, John Kennett, Kat Duda, Aman Singh

Nest of ants

Wild berries

Descending through the scrub off Long Ridge

Incoming showers

Descending the steep ridge to Cabbage Tree Creek

Tootie Creek

Melanie descending a short drop

Melanie descending a short drop

Kat using the hand line

Aman descending

Large overhang on Cabbage Tree Creek - John, Kat, Melanie, Brendon and Mike

Melanie and Mike crossing Tootie Creek

John emerging from a small cave

Middle Creek

John at lunch

Lunch on a spur of Mt D'Arcy

Views back to the ridge we descended to Cabbage Tree Creek

Squeezing through a small slot off Mt D'Arcy

Descent to Middle Creek


Brendon watching the rest of the party scrambling

Brendon back at the morning tea lookout

Scrambling up the ridge

John and Brendon

Mt D'Arcy