01-03/10/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Owen Kimberley, Michele Powell, Mark Dabbs, Lisa McCarthy, Jim Close, Megan Sety

Day 1 - Yerranderie to Kowmung River via Mootik Plateau and Mt Colong

Megan and Rachel approaching Colong Gap

Rachel on the cliffs at Colong Gap

Rachel climbing the summit cairn on Mt Colong

Tom and Rachel on the summit cairn - it hailed on us!

Tom carefully descending the cairn - no volleys!

Rachel signing the log book. The last visit appeared to be July

Open forest on top of Mt Colong

Golden Glory Pea (Gompholobium latifolium)

Black Eyed Susan (Tetratheca ericifolia?)

Pea flower (Bossiaea? obcordata?)

New signs along all of the roads and fire trails

The party at the end of the Mt Armour Trail

Descending the steep route to Church Creek

Rachel on a carved seat at Church Creek

Rachel at our campsite on the Kowmung River

Day 2 - Kowmung River to Butchers Creek

The next morning, heading back up Church Creek

Climbing the Inglis Selection ridge out of Church Creek

Mt Yuburra

Chiddy Obelisk

Jim on the side of Kowmung Mountain

Interesting cave at Kowmung Mountain

Rock overhang

Back on the road - Scotts Main Range

Pool in Butchers Creek

Rachel climbing the ridge out of Butchers Creek

Rock orchid (Dendrobium speciosum)

Michele takes refuge from the rain under a large branch

Around the fire during a brief break in the rain

Day 3 - Butchers Creek to Yerranderie via Axehead Mountain

The next morning, climbing Axehead Mountain

Megan climbing Axehead Mountain

Drumsticks (Isopogon anemonifolius)

Drumsticks seed pod

Dampiera purpurea?

Hornet orchid (Diuris sulphurea)

Rachel on Axehead Mountain

Hairy Fan Flower (Scaevola ramosissima?)

Jim scrambling on Axehead Mountain

Owen and Michele below one of the cliffs on Axehead Mountain

Rachel, looking back to where we came from

Rachel with Bull Island in the background

The party - Mark, Rachel, Michele, Jim, Megan, Owen

Looking down Green Wattle Creek

Bull Island Peak with Lake Burragorang in the background

Jim and Lisa scrambling

Rachel and Jim under the cliffs

Rachel at a lookout

The party at morning tea - Megan, Michele, Rachel, Lisa, Jim, Mark

Looking along Axehead Mountain to Gander Head and Byrnes Gap

Heading up to another of the clifflines on Axehead Mountain

Jim and Michele

Owen, Rachel and Megan near Gander Head

Jim in photo pose

Comesperma ericinum

Looking down to Byrnes Gap from Gander Head

Yerranderie Peak