10/09/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Potts, Yuri Bolotin, Phil Barnsley

Yuri watching Phil and Jonathan scrambling up the bottom of our pass

Short canyon section in the bottom of the pass

Phil and Jonathan

Jonathan mulling how to attack a short scramble

Impressive slot in the upper section of our pass

Jonathan in the slot

Brilliant light

In the slot

Phil scrambling in the slot

Looking back down the slot

Views from the top of our pass

Phil and Jonathan scrambling down a pagoda

Morning tea amongst the pagodas


Views back to where we came from

Phil in a slot

Jonathan scrambling

Tom taking advantage of the local water supply

Jonathan and Phil walking up to our campsite

Looking down on the camp from above


Late afternoon looking over Red Rock Creek

Pantoneys Crown

Pantoneys Crown

Jonathan and Yuri

Cliffs, with Tayan Pic visible in the distance

Pantoneys Crown

Red Rock Creek

Phil, Jonathan and Yuri on the balcony

Airly-Genowlan mesa

Pantoneys Crown

Capertee panorama

Another view of our campsite

Massive cliffs

Yuri on a sandy traverse

Wandering along under the cliffs

Phil gets a drink

Jonathan in a little tunnel

Yuri scrambling

The Pagoda of Death

Climbing the pagoda

Jonathan on the pagoda

More scrambling

Yuri and Jonathan getting a drink

Cliffs and pinnacles

Jonathan in a tunnel

Ross's Knob

Pagoda Daisies

Pagoda Daisies

Jonathan and Yuri at our lunch spot

A little canyon we descend to get off the tops

Yuri in the canyon

Fern frond