16-17/07/2011 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Melinda Turner, David Trinder, Andrew Smiffy, Scott Kirby, Huw ap Rees

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

White conditions at the cars at the end of the Mt Hay Road

Walking in to Mt Hay

The party on top of Mt Hay - David, Melinda, Scott, Smiffy, Huw, Rachel

Scott sliding down a ramp off Mt Hay

Melinda sidling the narrow ledge on to the western Boorong Crag

Rachel in scrub on the Boorong Crags

Huw in Shaw Gully

Rachel on the tricky bit of Byles Pass

Scott descending the tricky bit

Views from Byles Pass across to Mt Dixon

Garrad Gulch through the trees

Scrambling in the lower section of Shaw Gully

Packing up at our camp the next morning

Melinda in Garrad Gulch

Scott and Rachel scrambling

Waterfall in Garrad Gulch

Garrad Gulch

Scrambling in Garrad Gulch

Smiffy contemplating a beached whale manouevre

Rachel scrambling up to Mt Strzelecki

Scott scrambling up Mt Strzelecki

Garrad Gulch

Smiffy on the cliffs above Garrad Gulch

Walking up Mt Strzelecki


Rachel and David at a great lookout on the slopes of Mt Strzelecki

Looking back at where we came from - Garrad Gulch and Shaw Gully (Byles Pass)

Smiffy and Rachel contemplating the lawyer vine on Mt Strzelecki...

...as it goes on and on

On the slopes of Mt Caley are numerous evil and prickly plants, of which the Acacia paradoxa (Prickly Wattle) was the most evil

Looking back at Mt Caley - it looks harmless from a distance

Walking out on the fire trail along the Explorers Range

Heading towards Mt Banks

David and Rachel

Smiffy on the eastern slopes of Mt Banks, looking for views

Smiffy's torch making a mess with so much fog

That's a bit better! Huw and Smiffy on the summit of Mt Banks

Huw, Smiffy and me - not smiling because the camera was refusing to fire, before catching me unawares!