15/07/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Dorian Broadrick, Berenice Torstensson, Colin White, Jill Green, Warwick Bridge, Fiona Sonntag

Dorian on the Grose River Walking Track

First views of the river from the steep descent

Col negotiates one of the tricky bits

Dorian looking excited by the next drop

The party at the bottom of the track

Grose River

Col looking downstream

At the big pool at the big bend

Looking upstream towards Linden Creek

Admiring a large overhang

Warwick on the rocky slabs

Col a bit lower

Rapids at Linden Creek

Jill climbing up a tricky section

Berenice and Dorian climbing up from Faulconbridge Point

Warwick, Jill and Col scrambling up the pass

Warwick on a narrow ledge

At the top! Fiona, Dorian, Col, Jill, Berenice

Wandering along the cliff near Faulconbridge Point Lookout - Berenice, Jill, Warwick

Grose River views from Faulconbridge Point Lookout