07-08/05/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan, Richard Pattison, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Emmanuelle Convert, Jason Lorch, Rebecca Lorch, David Trinder, Melinda Turner

Frost on leaves at Boyd River Campground

It's sunny, but no-one is looking warm!

Jason at Lost Rock, with great views out to Mt Colong

David crossing the swamp after Lost Rock

Morning tea on the Boyd Range - (l to r) Rachel, Rebecca, Jason, Rich, Vivien, Emmanuelle, David, Melinda

Open country on the Boyd Range

Panoramic views from Dicksonia Bluffs

I can't remember whether Emmanuelle was trying to be scared or cold - take your pick!

Jason, looking like a cross between Commando and Bear Grylls!

Kowmung River from Sombre Buttress

Descending Sombre Buttress

Rachel on Sombre Buttress


Views from Sombre Buttress across to Mt Doris

Rachel and Vivien crossing Doris Creek

Rich doing a great leader's job trying to allow the rest of us to keep our feet dry (no luck, too much water!)

Vivien crossing the Kowmung

The Inaugural SBW Ultimate Frisbee Challenge at Hatchers Hollow

The ceremonial burning of the rules after the game

Rachel at our campsite at Hatchers Hollow

Campsite at Hatchers Hollow - Rachel, Melinda, David, Rich, Vivien

David and Emmanuelle leaving Hatchers Hollow

Kowmung River in the early morning

Kowmung River

Rich crossing below Mt Doris

Rachel and Emmanuelle on a scramble up the ridge on to Mt Doris

Rich climbing Mt Doris

Contemplating another scramble

Rachel scrambling

David and the party in open country on Mt Ibbai

Rich and Rachel on Mt Ibbai

Great views of the Kowmung River (Ibbai Loop) and Redcliff Creek from Wedgetail Bluffs

Ibbai Loop and Redcliff Creek

Rebecca and Emmanuelle on Mt Misery

Mt Colong from Lost Rock

The party at Lost Rock

Crossing the creek at the outlet to Hughes Swamp

David, Vivien and Emmanuelle crossing the creek