13-14/11/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan, Richard Pattison, Steve Dolphin, Ksenya Pakhomov, Peter, Christina, Alex Pozniak

Ksenya and Rachel traversing slopes in Myall Creek

The party at a break - Richard, Steve, Alex, Ksenya, Chris, Peter, Rachel

Chris in Myall Creek

Richard watching the first of the tricky climbs

Rachel below the climb

Chris descending, Steve helping, Richard photographing

The waterfall below the climb

Looking down the next section of the creek, Steve catching a drink

Steve and Rachel scrambling


Ksenya descending rocky slabs

Ksenya and Chris


Ksenya and Chris traversing

Rachel at the bottom of a long waterfall

Peter and Rich watching Chris traverse

Steve and Rachel at the bottom of another long cascade

Ksenya, Chris, Peter and Rich descending the cascade

The "Pool of Death"

View up Ettrema Creek from the knife-edge

Alex about to traverse above the Pool of Impending Doom

Rich collecting the rope

The old campsite at the junction of Myall and Ettrema Creeks, somewhat overgrown since I was last here

Rockhopping in Ettrema Creek

Ksenya wading

Rachel's Volley, still structural (just!)

The next morning, Peter below Thompsons Cliff

Ksenya, Rachel and Chris

Ksenya and Rachel

Chris, Ksenya and Peter

Peter goes for a swim while everyone else traverses

Cliffs above Ettrema Creek

Ksenya, Rachel and Peter

In Ettrema Creek


Tom jumping

Dianella sp?

View from the knoll on Transportation Spur

Climbing Pardon Point

Chris and Peter climbing Pardon Point

Tea Tree (Leptospermum sp)

Rachel and Ksenya at Pardon Point

Peter and Rich at Pardon Point

Hamlet Crown

Isopogon sp

Fringe Myrtle (Calytrix tetragona)