02-04/10/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan, Tony Manes, Marion Davies, Jon Bracs, Melissa Mole

Day 1 - Newnes to Mt Dawson Caves

Mangy wombat near the Newnes campground

Family of ducks near the campground

Window on to the Little Capertee Creek valley

Climbing a pass on to the tops

Near the top of the pass

Mel at the top of the pass

Interesting narrow chasm

The party on the tops

Rachel jumping a chasm

Ross's Knob aka the Lost Sister aka Gindantherie Pinnacle

Pantoneys Crown

Rachel in a small canyon

Rachel in a small canyon

Tony descending the canyon

Everyone near the precariously perched boulder - Tony, Marion, Jon, Mel and Rachel

Marion with the bonsai cypress

Jon and Mel

Pea flower

Mel on the cliffs

Jon scrambling


Tony in a mini canyon

Looking down the canyon

Collecting water from the canyon


Jon and Tony

Jon and Mel

At camp - Marion, Rachel, Mel, Tony and Jon

Tony's evening wear

Dusk over Pantoneys Crown

Day 2 - Mt Dawson Caves to Woolpack Rock

Morning mist over Mt Dawson

Pagoda daisy

Jon and Rachel leaving our camp site

Prostanthera? sp

Climbing Mt Dawson

Looking back to the camp site from Mt Dawson

Mel and Jon


Mel and Jon

Mel, Marion and Jon

Rachel on a pagoda


At morning tea on day 2 - Rachel, Mel, Jon and Marion

The Wolgan Valley

Jon and Rachel

At lunch - Mel, Rachel, Tony, Jon and Marion

Tony looking for a pass down into Red Rock Creek

Rachel and Mel

Descending the bottom section of the pass

Looking down Red Rock Creek

Day 3 - Woolpack Rock to Wolgan Road

Rachel at our overhang - the second night's camp site


Tony on a pagoda

Interesting rock formation

Woolpack Rock through a break in the clouds

Rock table

Mel and Rachel

Wild flower

Jon descending into Hughes Defile

Rachel at the exit to Hughes Defile

Climbing out of Hughes Defile

Tony and Tom

Jon in the Grotto

Traversing the narrow ledge from the Grotto around to Blue Rock Gap

Marion on the ledge

Heading out to a lunch spot with a view

Tony and Mt Stewart

Climbing a slot out of Blue Rock Gap

Tony in the slot

On the tops past Mt Davidson - Marion, Mel, Jon and Tony

Pantoneys Crown and Point Cameron

The Exploded Pagoda

Descending McLeans Pass

At the end of the fire trail heading out towards Cape Horn - Tony, Mel, Jon and Rachel

Tony descending the pass off Cape Horn

Tony helping Marion descend the pass