22/08/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan, Roger Treagus, Jan, Helene Sharp, Jason Lorch, Rebecca Lorch, Anton Sokolovski, Andrea Meier, Judy Tent, Anita McMahon, Rhoda Kriek, Marina Chan, Phil Hayes, Hubert Habicht, Helen Lalas, Greg, plus one

Walking along the rocks at North Avalon

Rounding the head


Back in the sun, near St Michaels Cave

Roger and Rhoda scrambling


Climbing up to St Michaels Cave

St Michaels Cave...

...and the fence

Scrambling down from the cave

View south to Avalon and beyond

Roger, Rachel, Helene, Anton and Greg

Bangalley Head

Honeycomb weathering

Near Little Head

Sandstone gutter


A little scramble past Little Head

Anton helping Phil and Hubert

Roger and Judy

Judy, Hubert and Phil

More sandstone weathering

Judy and Phil on one of the narrow bits around Barrenjoey Head


Emerging out on to the rocks...

...for afternoon tea

Sandstone rock formation

Under the cliffs on the north side of Barrenjoey

Rock outcrop

Lion Island

The Face?

Mysterious formations in the rock strata - tree roots? stalactites?

Palm Beach