13-14/06/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan

Baal Bone country

Rachel and I bumped in to Dave, Martin, Chuin Nee, John, Steffy and Albert who had already been out for a night. Here is Martin on top of a pagoda. Dave has photos from their walk.

Rachel amongst the pagodas

Tom on a pagoda

Rachel on one of the most impressive pagodas

Balancing rock

Dave and party across a difficult to access gully near Mt McLean

Pantoneys Crown

Narrow slot

Tom above McLeans Pass

Rock formation in McLeans Pass

The evil face of McLeans Pass?

Tom and Rachel around our little fire

Pantoneys Crown sunrise

Pantoneys Crown sunrise

Rachel near Mt Jamison

Pagoda country

Rachel in the massive overhang at McLeans Pass

Tom looking out over Cape Horn and the Wolgan Valley

Rachel on the Boot

Rachel at lunch on the Great Divide above Baal Bone Gap

Rachel on the Great Divide

Mt Jamison cliffline